Who is a Partner?

A partner is a person who understands and aligns him/herself to the vision of this ministry and is committed to giving regularly and consistently towards the various arms of partnership while praying towards the success of the cause of all our partnership arms and ministry programs as well as attends and invites others to our ministry programs.There are various Partnership arms of the Ministry, which present a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with the grace and unique anointing that rests upon our Ministry. At Christ Embassy, we focus on the arms of partnership that are listed below.

Partnership´s Arms

To be in partnership with Rhapsody of Realities means that you prayerfully and financially, support one or more of our various partnership initiatives designed to take the Rhapsody devotional to every corner of the world where someone needs it. You go wherever a Rhapsody of Realities goes! Every day we have stories of people who received faith to change an adverse circumstance because of an empowering word that came to them through the Rhapsody of Realities devotional.

When you connect with us, you go wherever this life-transforming devotional goes .This means that you can touch millions round the globe right from the comfort of your home and every soul won, every life beautified is credited to your account just as though you had been there physically! Get connected today.
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Partnership with the Healing School enables you to take salvation, healing and the message of divine health to those in your immediate environment and the rest of the world. As you join Pastor Chris and the Healing School in partnership, our combined efforts make a bigger impact and an eternal difference. More so, you will experience the healing anointing in a greater measure than ever before!

In partnering with the Healing School, you are joining forces with Pastor Chris in reaching the world for Christ with His glorious Gospel (Eccl. 4:9), and this gives you an opportunity to partake of the grace upon the man of God (Phil. 1: 3-5, 7). You will enjoy divine health insurance, as a partner, “The liberal soul shall be made fat; and he that watereth shall be watered also himself”(Prov 11:25). Also, the anointing to heal will be functional in your life.
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Partnering with Loveworld Television gives you the opportunity to participate in what God is doing through this Channel; which is to ensure the Gospel reaches every household in the UK and the world over. Your personal contribution will indeed make a difference. Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour (Ecclesiastes 4:9)
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Partnering with the Inner City Mission offers you an unique privilege to take the divine presence of God to the deprived, excluded and vulnerable children living in the "inner cities" of our world, to give them a hope and a future for "Every Child is your Child".
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It began because every young man deserves to know the most awesome personality who walked this planet, it began because every young person deserves to meet him.

At BLW Campus Ministry, what we do is simple- we bring students God in his simplicity. We will show that there is no need to TRY to FIND God, or to seek a way to live a fulfilling life; we bring you a message where God is the one who came in search of us, and we demonstrate how a young man can live the God life- simply.

By partnering, you are changing the lives of the leaders of tomorrow, you are changing nations.                  Click here to partner today

The Internet Multimedia Ministry (IMM) is a unique arm of Christ Embassy dedicated to ensuring that the gospel of our Lord Jesus is heralded via the Internet, Satellite and Mobile platforms. Through the Internet Multimedia Ministry, the light of salvation and God's hope is taken to peoples around the world via the Internet, Satellite and Mobile platforms, making use of cutting-edge technologies. We achieve this through

Today, we specially invite you to be a part of the Internet Multimedia Ministry of Christ Embassy; the future of world evangelism is the Internet and through your finances and prayers, you too can be a part of this great move of Global evangelism and expansion!Come aboard and let's together spread God's Word & Love via the Internet. Click here to partner today

2016 is the year of Spreading

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